18th Jan

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Beach Rugby Australia 6TH–8TH SEP

Beach Rugby Australia

Beach Rugby Australia is presenting a spectacular, fast paced and exciting game – based on modified rules of Rugby Union, Rugby League and Touch Football.

It’s the game you know, but not as you know it!

Beach Fives Rugby is a contact fast paced sport where stamina, tactics and ball handing skills create the basis of an exciting game for players and spectators alike.

The beach arena of play measures 25 by 25 metres. Five players a side – up to seven reserves. The Two Second Rule – when a player contacts the ball or is tackled, the ball must be passed or released within two seconds. No scrums, no line outs.

It’s alive. It’s growing. It’s exciting. Come along and be part of the festival.

WHEN: 06/09/19 – 08/09/19

WHERE: Kirra Beach, Gold Coast, QLD

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