Fox in a Box Escape Rooms

Fox in a Box Escape Rooms

Updated November 30, 2023

Fox in a Box Gold Coast Escape Rooms

Europe’s No1 escape room company is now in Surfers Paradise! Fox in a Box is ideal for families, large groups, corporates, and parties. Some of the rooms (Prison Break, Prison Break Head-to Head, Bunker and Zombie Lab) can even be customized just for children, just give us a call or ask the friendly staff at reception when you arrive.

What makes Fox in a Box different is their dedicated Game Master control room where the team is watching and listening to you – we don’t use walkie talkies at all. Each escape room has up to 8 cameras, speakers, and microphones so that they can give you the best possible experience while you play. We are also rated No 1 on Google and Trip Advisor for escape rooms on the Gold Coast!

Fox in a Box Gold Coast Escape Rooms


Choose from 1 of their 8 immersive rooms

Prison Break

You are sentenced to life in a maximum security prison. With all appeal requests denied, your only path to freedom is to escape. A sudden riot provides the perfect opportunity.

Prison Break Head-to-head

We now have a second identical Prison Break game! If you book Prison Break: Head-to-Head you will be split into two teams inside two separate prisons and compete to see which team can break out of the prison first. Suitable for 7 to 12 players and great for kids parties, large families or work groups.

Bunker ☢️

Early 80’s, the peak of the Cold War… a nuclear launch sequence has been started by accident. The whole world is about to end. You are a team of special agents sent to find out who did it and to stop the launch at any cost. You are our last hope, and if you fail, the whole world will end.

Wild West Saloon

A small town in the wild west, the Saloon stands tall. Gold miners and prospectors hang out here and the Saloon safe is where everything is kept. Can you and your gang work out how to get your hands on the gold before the Sheriff and his deputies return to town? Live your own spaghetti western as the absolute star of the show and immerse yourself in the magic of the Wild West Saloon.

Mastermind Heist

You have been hired for a high-profile job – to break into a prestigious vault at United Bank and get your hands on the precious diamonds. In the early hours of the morning you have one hour to break into the office, disable all devices in the security room and then finally access the secure vault to get to the coveted prize before anyone realizes what is going on.

Zombie Lab

A lethal man-made virus is turning healthy people into bloodthirsty, emotionless zombies. The virus is spread through a single bite. Most of the planet is now infected and humanity is on the brink of extinction. You are a team of scientists who were shipped to Russia to find the cure. You have only 60 minutes to save yourselves and the whole world before the zombies break down the door of the lab and eat you!

Zodiac Killer

Are you looking for a scary escape room in the Gold Coast? In the Zodiac Killer room you have been captured by a serial killer. Tied up and left in his lair, escape is your only chance. His method of operation is similar to the real life Zodiac killer. Has the real Zodiac returned or is this his copycat? You have only 60 minutes to escape, or the next body in a morgue could be yours.

The Other Side

Are you looking for a scary escape room on the Gold Coast? If yes, then enter “The Other Side..”

Stranger things have happened on The Other Side – parallel dimensions are no longer just theory. You must venture through a portal into a dark parallel world to find 3 sacred relics before it is too late. Can you close the portal from the other side, or will you let our world descend into eternal darkness?

Warning: This room contains dark confined spaces and the storyline and theming deals with the super natural. It is not recommended for a younger audience.


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Fox in a Box Gold Coast Escape Rooms

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Fox in a Box Gold Coast Escape Rooms

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